PR articles are subject-oriented texts, mostly of length 1 SP (standard page). The article itself may relate to one or more topics, and most of it has 3 links to different parts of your site. We will always choose the topic of the article according to your site's focus so that it is thematically related and naturally lure readers to visit the site itself.

In each thematic magazine we write a new article so that it is always unique. For PR sites, one article can be added to multiple sites at the same time.

Articles on PR sites

Articles are placed on PR sites that archive these articles and are accessible to a large number of people. Search Engines indexes these articles and takes them positively into account when evaluating individual sites.


Pricelist of PR articles

Service Price
Writing 1 PR article 25 EUR
Writing 2 PR articles 50 EUR
Writing 5 PR articles 125 EUR

Pricelist PR sites

Service Price
Inserting an article on 50 PR sites 30 EUR
Inserting an article on 100 PR sites 60 EUR

Articles on thematic magazines

Articles are inserted into thematic journals that focus on creating and publishing articles from the field. This makes it very attractive for search engines and for real visitors who are actively interested in the given segment of goods or services.


Thematic magazines pricelist

Service Price
Article on 1 thematic magazine 50 EUR
Articles on 2 thematic magazines 100 EUR
Articles on 4 thematic magazines 250 EUR
Articles on 10 thematic magazines 500 EUR
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